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Dragon Egg with Rainbow Crystal Dragon - Fidget Gift - 3d Printed

Dragon Egg with Rainbow Crystal Dragon - Fidget Gift - 3d Printed

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🌟 Welcome to the Magical Realm of Desk Decor and Fidget Fun! 🌟

Introducing our latest creation - the Rainbow Crystal Dragon and tri-color Egg! This 3D printed masterpiece is not just a fidget toy, but a piece of art that will enchant your space with its vibrant colors and mystical vibes. Perfect for dragon enthusiasts and lovers of all things whimsical!

🐲 Why You'll Love the Rainbow Crystal Dragon Egg:

  • Captivating Colors: Each egg boasts a mesmerizing array of hues, ensuring no two are exactly alike.
  • Stress-Relief Fun: Its tactile surface makes it an excellent fidget toy, providing a satisfying experience for restless hands.
  • Desk Decor Delight: Enhances any desk, bookshelf, or nightstand with its unique charm and vibrant energy.
  • 3D Printed Perfection: Crafted with precision and care, highlighting intricate details and a smooth finish.


ğŸŽ Perfect For:

  • Unique gift for friends and family
  • Dragon collectors and fantasy enthusiasts
  • Adding a touch of magic to any workspace
  • Mindfulness and stress reduction


  • Product is not suitable for children under age of 6
  • We are an authorized sell of Cinderwing3d designs
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