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The Hand 3D Printed: A Unique Horror Collectible

The Hand 3D Printed: A Unique Horror Collectible

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Primary color
Select 2.5" or 5.5" for the height and then pick a color.

Add a touch of horror to your collection with this 3D printed replica of The Hand. Carefully crafted to match the terrifying appendage seen in the classic 1982 horror movie or the modern show Wednesday, this collectible is perfect for fans of the film or show. The hand is printed in high-quality PLA . It comes unpainted, allowing you to add your own custom touches and make it truly unique. Add this piece to your collection and be prepared to frighten and impress your friends. Get yours today and let The Hand haunt your collection!

❗ With all 3D printed products, you may be able to see tiny gaps, layer lines, bumps, fine stringing, or other small artifacts.
These are a normal result from the printing process, but we attempt to print each piece as perfect as possible❗

The file was created by Hex3D and is available as part of his patreon including the license to see 3D Prints of his designs.
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